Studio Coralia - Harrogate Photography

My photography has a unique point of view and is deeply rooted in the reality of everyday life. My goal is to document your unique narratives, frozen in time.

I create editorial photography that can tell your story without the need for text. I am a storyteller who loves capturing human emotion in an instant.

My photography is meant to create moments of delight for the people who encounter it.

"We're all storytellers. It takes just one click to capture the most intimate, real and raw moment of the story we ought to tell" - Cory Varga

Cory's Enthralling Photography

Traveller & Award Winning Photographer

Hi, I'm Coralia (but everyone knows me as Cory Varga). I'm a Romanian/British photographer who has lived in the UK for 14 years and haven't lost my accent (yet). I was born in December and I’m a winter child, there’s no day when I don’t miss rainy, moody days or snowy blizzards. I just can’t get enough of nostalgia. Harrogate is the perfect place on Earth! I am a traveller and photographer, bewitched by the world, who truly believes in great love stories. People describe me as an extrovert with an insatiable appetite for life. I’m easily excitable and an idealist with an open mind and an open heart.

Coralia Varga - Harrogate Photographer
Anna and her husband Dennis kissing in a beautiful garden
Anna - pregnancy photography

Capture the magic

I am a storyteller. And I express myself best through photography. Taking photos is like freezing the absolute joy and that unique intimate moment. In retrospect, it’s like looking at a photo of you and your loved one and thinking: this is us, happy, excited, most vulnerable but most victorious too. My photography is not about staging pictures is about capturing intimate moments as they unfold. Is about sharing life in the most spontaneous and magical way.

Anna and her mother visiting from abroad with her beautiful boy
Cory and Gergely kissing in a beautiful landscape in Norway
Anna and Dennis beautiful family photography

Your Enchanting Moments

I capture intimate and candid stories to inspire you to live your life to its fullest. My photography is a statement that life is wonderful when it's real, raw and honest. Together, we'll freeze those enchanting moments which make life worth celebrating.

Your Dazzling Life

You'll take centre stage while my photography celebrate you, undisguised and genuine. I will document everlasting memories that will remind you of your dazzling life, for years to come.